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The Government

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The National Grand Sheik and the Grand National Chairman of Moorish America are the Head of Government and are in power to make Law and enforce Laws. They "direct the actions of the Government, according to ACT 1 of the Divine Constitution of Moorish America and in principle set out the essential political guidelines. They must also ensure the coordination of Government action and prevent different ministers from taking contradictory initiatives through his arbitration. The National Grand Sheik is not the hierarchical superior of the other ministers. The National Grand Sheik may never force them to take a decision which they are unwilling to

take responsibility for, but they may suggest their dismissal to the Grand National Chairman in the event of serious misconduct. This role of overseeing Government action is facilitated by certain components: the Grand National Chairman, in the name of the Government, who is currently stationed in Virginia Territory.

The Moorish Americans who are the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa (Including the northwestern territories we now call the Americas) are in lawful pursuit of our actual freedom. In 2009, Moorish Americans convened our first National Conference in Philidelphia to formerly establish the Moorish American Government, its Cabinet of Executive Rulers/Government Officials, Divine Constitution & By-laws, Departments, Department Heads, Domestic satellite-offices (Consulates) within the continental American territories wherein Moorish American Nationals reside, the agenda and strategic ways and means to expedite the same. Number one on the agenda ofstrategic ways and means to expedite the same. Number one on the agenda of the Moorish Government is to launch a continous census to accumulate data/registrations, properly educating Moorish Americans about the necessities and resposibilities of Moorish American Citizenship in compliance with United Nations criteria. Simply put, these and all activities of the Moorish American National Government are to establish Domestic and International recognition for the Moorish American Nation/Government and to effectively address the health, interests, rights and needs of the Moorish American people.

Our Land and monetary compensation that is due to the Moorish Americans, as well as the concerted effort of nations which have directly benefitted (prospered) from the blatant denationalization and other inhumane atrocities that the Moorish American Nation has endured from 1779 until 1865 during U.S. constitutional slavery. We will address the remnant ills resulting from post- traumatic conditions and mental slavery which many Moorish Americans have now. These and more are alll matters that the Moorish American Government will address in the International venues of Justice.

The Moorish American National Annual Conference is held every year at a designated location, to address old and new business, our objectives, goals, Departmental annual reports, and their accomplishments over the year, etc. All Moorish American Divine Ministers and citizenry may attend.





Divine Constitution of Moorish America

Enacted on 22nd August 2009, the Divine Constitution and By-Laws of Moorish America is largely based on the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedon and Justice set out by our Great Father, Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali El Hajj (Prophet Noble Drew Ali) in his M.S.T. of A. and his "Moorish Leader's Historical Message to America" which was published in the Moorish Guide in 1928.

The acountability of our Grand Body of Executive Rulers to the Council of Elders and the accountability of the National Grand Sheik of the Theocracy to the people, make for a strong and united nation of Moorish Americans. 





Allah the Father of the universe, the Father of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. Allah is my protector, my guide and my salvation by night and by day, thru his Holy Prophet Drew Ali, “Amen.”
Prophet Noble Drew Ali


                                             SALVATION                                                      OUR GOD                                                         UNITY











The 7 Supreme Constitutional Acts of Law


Act 1

The Grand Sheik and the Chairman of Moorish America are in power to make law and enforce laws with the assistance of the Prophet and the Grand Body of Moorish America. The Assistant Grand Sheik is to assist the Grand Sheik in all affairs if he lives according to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and it is known before the citizens of Moorish America.

The By laws

Act 2


 All meetings are to be opened and closed promptly according to the Circle Seven and Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. Friday is our Holy Day of rest, because on a Friday the first man was formed in flesh and on a Friday the first man departed out of flesh and ascended unto his Father God Allah, for that cause Friday is the Holy Day for all Moslems all over the world.


Act 3 

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice must be proclaimed and practiced by all citizens of Moorish America. No citizen is to put in danger or accuse falsely His Brother or Sister on any occasion at all that may harm His Brother or Sister, because Allah is Love.


Act 4

 All citizens must preserve these Holy and Divine laws, and all citizens must obey the laws of the Government, because by being a Moorish American, you are a part and parcel of the Government, and must live the life accordingly.



Act 5

 No organization of Moorish America is to cause any confusion or to overthrow the Laws and Constitution of the said Government but to obey hereby.



Act 6

 With us all citizens must proclaim their Nationality and we are teaching our people their Nationality and their Divine Creed that they may know that they are a part and a parcel of this said Government, and know that they are not Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People or Ethiopians, because these names were given to slaves by slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery. But this is a New Era of time now and all men now must proclaim their free National Name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth. This is the reason why Allah, the Great God of the universe, ordained Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet, to redeem his people from their sinful ways. The Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.

Act 7

All citizens must promptly attend their meetings and become a part and a partial of all uplifting acts of Moorish America. Moorish Americans must pay their dues and keep in line with all necessities of Moorish America and then you are entitled to the name of “Faithful”. Husband, you must support your wife and children; wife you must obey your husband and take care of your children and look after the duties of your household. Sons and daughters must obey father and mother and be industrious and become a part of the uplifting of fallen humanity. All Moorish Americans must keep their hearts and minds pure with love and their bodies clean with water. This Divine Covenant is from your Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali, thru the guidance of His Father God Allah.


{Prophet Noble Drew Ali, PBUH, Founding Father and Framer of the Divine Constitution & By-laws of Moorish America.}




(The providence of Allah is ever all His works; He ruleth and directeth with infinite wisdom. He hath instituted laws for the Government of the World; He hath wonderfully varied them in all beings; and each, by his nature conformeth to His will.)

{---M.H.K. 35 Ayat 10----}

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("I am going to leave the European here, just long enough to teach you how to run a government." )
Our form of Government is a Divine Theocracy:

There are Seven Postulates articulated in the Constitution of this divinely prepared Government:


They are:


(1) The Grand Sheik,

(2) The Chairman,

(3) The Prophet,

(4) The Grand Body,

(5) The Assistant Grand Sheik,

(6) The Five Principles and

(7) The Citizens of Moorish America.



The Grand National Emblem, (Crescent-Moon (Last Quarter) and Five-Pointed Open Green Star) illustrates the maximum God Status to be “As above so below” because the Moorish are indeed the Star.


The 3step-ladder of Salvation (Belief, Faith and Fruition) personifies the Moorish return-climb from a Human State to their rightful status of The Great God as one. Theocracy is the true form of Government for the Moorish Americans.




The 12 Departments of the M.A.G.are as follows :


1. Department of Economics, Trade and Commerce

2. Department of Law, Defense (Protectors) and Justice

3. Department of Herb, Health and Healing

4. Department of Agriculture and Foods

5. Department of Foreign Allegiance

6. Department of Media and Freedom

7. Department of Sciences and Universal Peace

8. Department of Education and Truth

9. Department of Transportation, Highways and Telepathy

10. Department of Library and Archives of Wisdom

11. Department of Embassies, Consulates

12. Department of Social Duties and Interfaith Ministries


(2) Principles: There are five principles of the Moorish Peoples. These principles are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice (L, T, P, F, & J). These employ the undeniable doctrine of the Great God and Man are in fact one. L, T, P, F, & J are the sacred values, holy philosophy and true tools of life of every Moorish Citizen. Often revealed as the “Five Highest Principles known to man” these pentagrams are also proudly displayed on the Five-pointed Open Green Star centered in The Moorish Flag. The Five pointed open Green Star has represented the Moorish since the fall of man. It is the open pentagram that makes “Our Flag is over 100,000 years old” and should not be confused with the flag of present day Morocco who exchanged the divine Principles of L, T, P, F, & J for the Five Pillars of Islam in 1492. Since then Morocco has not recognized their Moorish Forefathers as those named among the Faithful.


(3) Citizen: Citizens are members of an established government, State or political community. Citizens are they who have established or submitted themselves to the protection, promotions and general welfare of their individual and collective rights. The Moorish American Government recognizes its Citizens by their ‘Nationality’, also referred to as their ‘free national name.’ They are “the Moorish Americans, Descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa.” Citizens are the true family stones, made of every man, Woman, Son and Daughter who goes towards the building of their pyramid-Nation bearing their one free national name. Moorish American Citizenship can be acquired by
national descendant birth and naturalization.


"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."

Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights



A Divine Warning by The Prophet For The Nations:

The citizens of all free national governments, according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. This is where the citizens of Moorish America, who are of one family bearing our one free National Name of Moorish American, received the authority to live according to The Divine Constitution of our free National Government. Natural Citizens are not confined to non-governmental organizations but are duty bound to proclaim their free national name, to be recognized by their government in which they must live. Only then can we, The Moorish American Nation, be truly free, a whole ancient people with Constitution de jure and accepted intact by the nations of the earth.
Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables and are subject to all the inferior names, abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. Since 1929 the body of Moorish peoples whom, like their NBC equivalents, has not proclaimed their free national status, according to their Constitutional Government and have found themselves subjected to the same fraternal abuses and judicial mistreatments. Because they have failed to proclaim themselves as a clean and pure nation and live within the jurisdiction of their constitutional government they are drawing all the mistreatments and evils down upon themselves. The unproclaimed Moorish cannot be distinguished or protected from other persons subjected to the assumable jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment. This is why all NBC and Negro Masons alike have no sovereign rule of their women and children.
And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and principles that deludes to slavery. Being NBC, Chattel or otherwise Nationless and stirring comatosed outside of the constitutional fold of government are sins before Allah and crimes before the laws of nature and man. Those who fancy themselves safe while under the oaths, pledges and memberships of various religious organizations, Secret Societies and personal Republics are still in violations of the national constitutional laws of all free national governments. Too often groups not proclaiming your free national name before your Constituted Government have been mislead like bleeding lambs to the courts of lions. They pride themselves in mastering the judicial laws of known slave masters and finding comfort in the exchange of slave cabins on the same plantation. Meanwhile being unprotected by their free national Constitution leaves legal trails of Paper Terrorism, jail terms and failures. They fail to acknowledge there is only one way and one way only for a people to obtain and sustain a free national status.
Unless you are a fervent student of Constitutional Law balanced with a good understanding of Metaphysics you may need to apply a more direct study to this constitutional Saving Powers brought expressly to free the rejected Moorish Peoples. It is not too widely known The Divine Constitution alone has the power to emancipate all ‘Persons (property e.g. Negroes, Blacks & Colored People et al)’ currently licensed under the assumable jurisdiction of the United States 14th & 15th Amendments and into the true citizenry of their own free national government. The 65 words compiling The Divine Constitution of Moorish America is the most powerful instrument ever written in the history of the Human Family for the ultimate deliverance of a Nation. Albeit the Moorish Peoples must elevate their thoughts from the stagnant graves of mental slavery, accepted nationless existence and self hatred in order to take their rightful status in the affairs of men. Still, due to the magnanimous blow from the setting maul, it may take the prosperities of the mighty Moorish another generation or two before they can decipher their unalienable birthrights and national advantages of freedom nourished from the breast of their Divine Constitution. It is about the year 2011 and the Moorish American Nation is just beginning to come into their own as a people. From here the wise will find it only to be a breakfast fight. It is up to the will of the Moorish People to open their eyes as a nation to the infinite force of The Greatest Constitution ever written for the nations of the earth. No nation can declare a free national status without first declaring validity of their national Constitution.



The Moorish American Birthright of Independence

The United States in her infancy bear witness that no Nation will be free to live out its Creed, personify the Grand Principles and attain unlimited capacity of development while under the yoke, laws and tyranny of another Government. Neither has the Moorish Americans been free to be themselves in the 140 years (1865) since their emancipation from Negro Chattel Slavery, while under the Assumable Jurisdiction of the U.S. 14th and 15th Amendments of granted privileges; separated from the Rights guaranteed to all free National Citizens in the body of Her Constitution.

The Moorish Americans, through Rights Of Divinity, have come forth as a clean and pure people, empowered with the inalienable birthright to be an upright, independent and fearless Nation. In accordance with the Declaration Of Human Rights, they have the Human Right to be known by one, true free national Name and by Number, with Divine Constitution de jure, officials of Government with Attaché and Ambassadors, Principles, Our Flag and Holy Book. We have the inherent Rights to lands, air and waterways originally civilized, inhabited and cultivated by our Ancient Forefathers and to insure the sanctity of our Men, Women, Children and their prosperity.
That to secure these Rights: there are Governments instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is then becomes the just right of the people to abandon it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on the Omnipotent Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. While man’s evils to man are made sufferable, evil is not requisite to man, And:

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces projections, by your National Criminal Justice Commission, to disproportionately incarcerated 63% of Moorish Men between the ages of 18 and 36 by the Year 2020 with programs in place to eradicate their family structure by displacement of the Father Heads of household and by glorifying the fallen state of 8.2 million “Single Moms” among its Women; it is their Natural Right, it becomes their Duty to unfold away from such government, and to provide new guards for their future security:

When a misnomered “African American” people, amidst the “Catch and Release Systems” of Racial Profiling, compile 20% of U.S. Travelers but form 80% of those stopped by State Action Law Enforcements; and mandatory minimums disproportionately warehouse their youths; and Death Penalties, including Federal Prisoners, are constituted by 70% staple of ex-slaves who total less than 15% of the General Population. And when all judicial convictions of so-called ‘Negroes’ since the Congressional ratification of the 1868 Fourteenth Amendment, with its intent to recycle slavery duly abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment, were negligent of their proper status in addition to leaving all Courts in the United States in want of jurisdiction are hereby declared ex post facto and void of judicial, civil and divine substance:

When Naturalization: the process by which a whole person, in full consciousness of nationality by birth and descent, applies for citizenship, a choice among all free national constitutions, has been politically denied to the ex-slaves. And there has been no record documented, since the enactment of the 13th Amendment, to reflect the naturalization clause by treaty, application, nor judicial hearing, nor petition, nor declaration of allegiance in true intercourse to the Moorish American, of lawful age and be accepted, by choice, as naturalized citizens of the United States. If Italians, Greeks, English, Chinese, Japanese, Turks, Arabians and Moroccans are forced to proclaim their free national name and religion before the constitutional government of the United States of America, it is no more than right that the law should be enforced upon all American citizens alike. To be a citizen of any government, you must proclaim your National Descent Name. Because they place their trust upon issue and names formed by their forefathers. Being Negro, Colored, Black or African American, etc., are not Nationalities that bears the one free National descent Name of their Forefathers, but used in the semblance thereof. Ergo the Negro State was never designed to muster the noble status of true Citizen or qualify the Bearers to reach from the Federal Question of “Denationalization” to the choice of Naturalization. The product thereby is colorable citizenry leaving a residue of mental slavery, which has been the existing condition until now. Therefore since there is no distinction between a ‘Black Slave’ and a ‘Free Black’ on the credit side of righteousness; hence in the matter of the bearers of Slave Names the standard doors of selective Citizenship are forever sealed, either by national descent, choice or naturalization. The United States has always known so-called Colored People, that were made exclusively made in America, are not Citizens, especially in the judicial affirmation of the Dred Scott Decision:

When so-called Negroes whom have used Slave Names, not knowing these labels are unacceptable, without worth and decry muster among the realms of free nationalized citizens; making Blacks, excluding Indians not taxed, as “3/5 of all other Persons”, subjected to perpetual taxation without true representation as those Members under a Free National Descent Name:

When the high diligence of honor and glory due for another siphons the contributions and accomplishments of a people then unjustly hoisted as their own; the credibility, trust and reliance are misplaced. This too is a component of iron hand oppression when placed upon a people who, within the bounds of The U. S. Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, have been denied repatriated Nationhood and to personify such acts under bondage sustains Slaves that can never be greater than the Master; and the labor of all their good words, works and deeds will only glorify their owner:

When the 14th and 15th Amendments were ratified in full light of the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott Decision (1856), which declared Denationalized Africans, whether a Negro Slave or freed Negro is still a Negro and can never muster the naturalized status of a United States Citizen; this decision has never been overturned, but in ex post facto concurrent tortfeasors of the subjects. This irrelevancy of whether a Negro is a slave or free is reiterated in Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment:

When a people with over 9.6 million State Certified Professionals, four million Muslims, over eight million members of Freemasonry and other Secret Societies, numerous Celebrities of every field, over 200 Mayors and Governors, forty members of Congressional Black Caucus a host of officials, appointed Judges, a U.S. Justice here and The Hague, a People with over 90% Christian Leaders and Followers. 99.9% of descendants of ex-slaves, as denationalized commercial property, are European trained as opposed to being educated. Leadership is always disallowed amongst chattel. This is the reason they, as a People, have been forbidden to muster or sustain one leader from among themselves. Due to long standing systems of miseducation of their free status within the human family, while being shield under the grandeur of feigned U.S. Citizenship, their nobility can not shine through revised identifications of abolished Slave Labels. The abyss of slavery is evil and sinful when it has produced contented slaves through the ignorance of knowing they are slaves:

When we have not been able to promote, from the sons of Man, our Equal, to Sovereign Power and set as a Ruler over ourselves, for the good of our Kingdom due to feign freedom under denationalized Citizenry:

When the Peace of all societies dependeth on Justice; the Happiness of individuals, on the safe enjoyment of all their possessions, yet so-called Black “Persons” being colorable American Citizens, are they themselves possessed. The gold, silver and commerce belong to the citizens and because “all persons born or naturalized” are real property under the laws of the United States, so-called African Americans generate an annual 750 Billion Dollars as consumers yet have no true wealth and own no possessions as a people. Since it is not in the nature of chattel to also be the owner the mass production of Negroes, Colored Folks and Black People made only in America was never designed for them to be autonomy themselves. From this die of court and State-owned Slavery alone, they have no rights that the true Citizens are bound to respect. They will never enjoy the peace of a society while latent in the perpetual Sin of Slavery:

When as Negroes, Blacks and Colored People have not received their Divine Rights, unmolested by other citizens, whereas they can cast a free National ballot at the polls under their free National Constitution of the States Government and not under a granted privilege, as has been the existing condition for many generations. The granted privilege of the Negro Vote cannot be counted as ‘One Man One Vote’ while the ‘3/5 Clause’ remain cloaked in the esoteric word ‘Person’ thereby rendering from a peopleless people the clandestine ‘three-to-make-one’ ballot at the discretion of the citizens to be cast hither thither or where ever to favor their will:

When six score and fifteen years of post Slavery and emancipation of African Nationals have not yielded their just Nationalization, Colonization, Reparations nor Self-Education but depleted for the economical, political, industrial, religious entertainment and competitive advantages of the United States, it is only befitting in the course of justice for the Moorish Americans to best honor the benevolence of that Government through a Treaty of Peace and Friendship; rather than be a census tumor on the body of that State:

When the colonies, corporations, towns, cities, homes, travel ways and means we have planted are not our own. And our subjects do not enjoy the fruits of their labor in security and no happiness is consistent with the observance of your laws; the glory of our people is not exalted to the world as products of our ingeniousness:

When the communities within the Sovereign States, where the descendants of ex-slaves reside, are baited with imported drugs, weapons and economical allurements concealed with hooks of crimes, punishment and death; while they, the Nationless ones, are neither the owners, transporters, the military nor minters of U.S. currencies and have no controlling interest in these creations. Still they net a 700% increase to U.S. Prison Industrial Plantations since 1985 Congressional Sentencing Guidelines:

When we, as free Nationals, have our leaders stifled and disallowed to call together the wise men of our people, to consult among them with freedom, and heareth the opinion of them all; no magistrates to be just nor ministers to be wise; Fathers without land, wealth nor autonomy cannot smile upon the flourishments of our arts, neither gain strength from the sciences improved beneath the culture of our hands to be inherited to our sons and daughters:

When any Government confounds the historical die of a slave-weakened people into the Maya of an illusionous ‘Black History’, that severs them from the worthiness of their ancient forefathers and ostracizing them from The Family of Nations and the Human Family from whence they derived:

When those who call themselves Jews, bearing no credit on the scale of nationality, receive 6.5 Billion Dollars in Reparations, with another compassionate measure of compensations to Japanese-Americans joined with sovereign powers and immunities; Yet no apology nor gratitude to those survivors of 400 years of slavery in America; the later 225 years of which were under the American flag:

When the system of Education is steeped in Euro-Nationalism and surface degrees of colour rather than character; when a Religion, forced upon Slaves during the time of Slavery, yield an observance of a God that is not our own nor graced with the Divine and National freedom of We, as a Pure and Clean People. These systems of Religion and Education are not squared to perpetuate our true Image and Likeness through adherence to our accomplishments and contributions to civilization prevalent to promote our generations:

We, therefore, the representatives of the Clean and Pure Nation of Moorish Americans, including but not exclusively to, all families and tribes of Beys, Els, Duns, Deys and Ali’s, etc. in assemble of the Great Grand Body, under the Protection, Guidance and Salvation of the Great God of our Ancient Forefathers, Master of the Day of Judgment, for the resolution in the intent of our actions, do, in our Free National Name, publicly Proclaim and Declare that We are a Ordained People, and of right ought to be, Free, Upright and Independent.

The Moorish Americans as a Clean and Pure Nation have neither debts to the United States of America, her allies, enemies nor any nation neither foreign nor native. Especially to the government of the United States, We owe no obligations, economically, socially nor politically, for she is the Evergreen planted atop our shallow grave of perpetuated state of mental slavery here in the northern hemisphere. Indeed, our only atonement is to the Creator of all nations, both the lion and the lamb. For these reasons The Moorish Americans, having been forgiven for everything done wrong prior to the advent of their Founding Father, The Illustrious Noble Drew Ali, is hereby and henceforth a Clean and Pure Nation.

But, the United States remains greatly indebted to the Moors, with compound interest, beginning with the magnanimous financial support from our Sultan in Morocco without which the United States would not have won Her Independence, spurning America’s first and oldest Treaty, through four hundred years of Slave labor, to the industrial, medical, arts and scientific contributions, which she would not exist without the generations of Moorish staple. Nevertheless The United States, in the initial post-slavery years, sustained the Ex-Slaves in state of Mental Slavery and impecunious has not made an official apology or compensatory efforts. Whereas Reparations are never paid to Slaves, which would only perpetuate their present state of slavery, satisfactory compensation is always due to Surviving Hostages of the Nation that has endured the Maafa of African Slave Trade, Genocide, Denationalization and Apartheid. The Moorish Americans have risen from the dust and is now that especial Nation.

The time is nigh and the fires of prophecy are upon us. And according to the Divine Scheme of Human Events we are to let all old business stay as it is and do all our new business in the free National Name of Moorish American. We, the Vanguard Tribe of the Moorish hordes of America, do hereby requisition the following remedies to be legalized by the United States Supreme Court, the Executive Branch or/and an adept Special Congressional Committee, or other National or International authorized designated body to:

 Recognize the Free National Name and Number and Sovereign autonomy of the Moorish Americans as the Clean and Pure Nation with our Government, Religion, officials, flag, seals, et al in the glory of a Proper Person.


 To make into law An Agreed Seventy Year Indigenous Peoples Mandate from which to purge into realization the Clean and Pure Nation of Moorish Americans within the security of Moorish America. To acknowledge by revisions of U. S. Laws there are now and henceforth two new Nations brought forth on this Continent to live in harmony from the breast of one mother.

 To provide with the necessary credentials for recognizing our Ambassadors, Sheiks, Attaches and National Representatives; and firmly establish a perpetual communication for our securities.

 To establish a Treaty of Peace and Friendship based upon the High Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. A perpetual Treaty with Acts to strengthen the National Securities of Friendly Americas.

 To place into law all rights of Diplomatic Immunities, International Conveyance Authorization, secured lodging and the protection to peacefully co-exist in America, in harmony with the Divine Constitution and By-Laws of Moorish America.

 An agreement to reside in certain areas and well defined territories, previously civilized and settled by The Moors of Western Africa during the pre-Columbian Millenniums to prosper unmolested within North America, as in, but not restricted to, the 36 30.

 To call aloud to the ingenious citizens of the United States, Allies and Foreign Sympathizers to help us, The Moorish American Nationals, economically, politically, socially, religiously, in our gigantic Divine and National Movement - the Uplifting of Fallen Humanity.


We, as a Clean and Pure Nation, do not have enemies, foes or adversaries nor do we possess the intent to create their likes from among the Sons of Man. With these intents, America’s greatness is divinely assured and the Negro problem will be finally and wholly solved. Only the Moorish Americans must rightfully proclaim this, their National and Divine Identification, hereby notifying the United States of America and all nations of the earth with the following Divine Constitution and By Laws We are an organic people and declare Our Moorish American Independence that:


Our God Is The Great God Of The Universe And Master To The Day Of Judgment

Our National Prayer Is The Moorish American Prayer

Our International Prayer Is The Al-Fatiha

Our Holy Prophet, Angel And Founding Father Is Noble Drew Ali

Our Principles Are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom And Justice

Our Earthland Is Home And Moorish Amexem (Americas) Is Our Native Land

Our Citizens Are Freeborn Moorish American Nationals

Our Theocracy Form Of Government Is Guided By Our Holy Koran And Divine Covenant

Our National Head Is The Grand Sheik

Our Assistant National Head Is The Assistant Grand Sheik

Our Grand National Chairman Is The Moorish Consul General (Grand Mufti)

Our Grand Body Is A Congress Of Divine Ministers, Adepts And Angels

Our National Purpose Is The Uplifting Of Fallen Humanity

Our Flag Is Red With The Five-Pointed Open Green Star In The Center

Our Grand National Seal Is The Logos Circle Seven

Our Grand National Emblem Is The Red Crescent Moon And Five-Pointed Open Star

Our Gross National Product Is Wisdom

Consular Offices of The Moorish American Government Throughout North America
2021-06-13 (24).png
The various Moorish American National 
Consulates which exist within territories of 
significant Moorish American population are 
there primarily to assist Moorish Americans with proper education to help foster a unified, 
Moorish American national consciousness, 
adherence to laws, that we may become better 
citizens of the government.


•National Grand Sheik, Dr. Serapus Amin Ra El(Grand Consul-General)

•Grand Secretary of State Minister Thornton-EL



•National Grand Chairman, Dr. Akhnaton Pert M Heru Tutankhamun Bey(Grand Consul-General)

•National Grand Secretary of State, Dr. Hatshepsut Tutankhamun Bey

•National Grand Treasurer, Dr. Nefertiti Tutankhamun Bey

•National Grand Secretary, Dr. Auset Amun EL


*National Assistant Grand Sheik Dr. Shedu Amenti Al Mu Hedjet Sepesu EL  

•Consul-General Minister Gary Myers-Bey 





•Consul-General Minister Djehuti Bey

•Vice Consul-General Minister Tidwell Bey

•Grand Secretary of State Sekhet Rennanet Maati Bey




•Consul-General Minister Bates-Bey, 

•Vice Consul-General Minister Rael Bey

•Grand Secretary Minister Genwright-Bey



•Consul-General Minister Muhammad-Bey

•Vice Consul-General Minister Lowery-Bey

•Grand Secretary of State Minister Dianne Carter-Bey

•Grand Secretary Minister Reid-Bey



•Consul-General Minister Ka Ma’at Shu Bey

•Vice Consul-General Minister Omar Thomas EL

•Grand Secretary of State Minister Kami Ector-El



•Consul-General Minister Batie-Bey 



•Consul-General Minister Sciencere Bey



•Consul-General Louis Potter-Bey



•Consul-General Marvin Edwards-Bey




•Consul-General Torrey Simpson-Bey



•Consul-General Eric Miller-Bey



•Consul-General Golan Asher Smith-Bey



•Consul-General Bartholomew Thomas-Bey

The Moorish American Government Website's main objective is to inform and educate our people about their government in a transparent, easy and cost effective manner. 
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