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7 - Department of Science and Universal Peace

 Treaties, Alliances and Mutual Understanding; $2,500,000.
 Study of the Self and Character Building Schools – Harmonies of Life; $5,000,000.
 Transporting Gurumayi, Mahatmas and Buddhists, Dr. Sha – Chinese and Japanese, Ancient Canaanites, Aboriginals - Study with Global Adepts; $3,000,000.
 Schools of Wisdom – Training for Divine Ministers, Swift Angels, Attaches’, Diplomats and Moorish Consuls of Law; $10,000,000.
 Ancient Kemetian Studies/ Moorish Science Studies Universities Study of the God Man, Fasting, Study of Silence; $75,000,000.
 Consular Retreats and Training – Study to be upright Moorish Men, Women, Children, Husbands, Wives, Fathers and Mothers; $11,000,000.

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