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1. Department of Economics, Trade and Commerce

Off-Shore Banking System: $10,000,000,000,000.00 (Ten Billion Dollars) National Treasury
 Paramount: The Mission Statement In divine order, for the Moorish Americans to become recognized as an indigenous and sovereign People, whom are now duly linking themselves to the Human Family of Nations (See: Declaration/Proclamation of Status and Jurisdiction of the Moorish Americans; signed at 2007 UN Conference. $5,000,000.
 Paid Official Transportation to Geneva Switzerland, The United Nations and Worldwide Diplomatic International Missions of Peace on Earth: Official Private Plane; $8,500,000.
 Moorish Dome Commerce
 Moorish Gold and Silver Coins – Diamonds and Copper/ Moorish Currency; $2,000,000,000.
 Moorish Credit Unions
 Building of Dome Homes/ Homes with Solar/Wind Power and its Own Generators; $100,000,000.
 Building and/or Establishing Moorish Schools and Universities / Foreign Student Exchange; $10,000,000.
 Building and/or Establishing Moorish Holy Temples; 8,000,000.
 Production of our Lands and Waterways for Farming and Agriculture and Fishing – (Cotton for Clothing and Sheep for Wool/ Trade and Commerce/ Green Houses; 12,000,000.
 Creation of Moorish Furniture Factories, e.g. Tables, Sofas, Cushions, Drapes $4,000,000.
 Moorish Interior Design and Fashion $1,000,000.
 Moorish Garb and Clothing; $12,000,000.
 Organic Foods from Farming; $4,000,000.
 Making Clay and Bricks for home building; $1,000,000.
 Moorish Art and Jewelry $3,000,000.
 Upkeep of Roads and Bridges and Infrastructure $15,000,000.
 Trade to be supported by Transportation System of Planes, Ships, Trucking and Railroads
 Yellow Pages to be established to support Moorish Nationals in Business Networking/ Government Officials to be under Restricted Access Network (Secretaries and Administration General Numbers and Consular Locations)
 Moorish Communication Systems – Telephones, Computers; $35,000,000.
 Moorish Apartment Buildings/Homes/ Wind Mills for Energy/ Solar Heating/ Underground Storage Facilities; $7,000,000.
 Moorish Construction
 Moorish Museums, $10,000,000.
 Moorish Ceramics – Custom Design – Artifacts/ Crystals
 Moorish Calendars
 Moorish Painters
 Moorish Gardeners

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