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The Sage Mengste stated:
The wheel of time has turned once more. The race is on a higher plane of thought. The garments that our fathers wore have given out. The cherubim have woven a celestial cloth, have placed it in our hands; and we must make for men new garbs. {The Mysteries of Yehoshua the Christ Chapter 8 Ayats 9-10}.
Many ask from whence came this Moorish Flag?
The 1st Answer lies in the question from whence came the Moorish Adept Charm as seen below?
If you were to resurface the White background by replacing it with the Moroccan Flag and then add L.T.P.F. &J. above the Scimitar and inscribe JUSTICE therein{UPON THE CONVEX} both being in Green letters; reflects the unfoldment from Moroccan to The Moorish Flag.Hence then the Question & Answer in the 101s & 102s
Q: What Kind of Flag is the Moorish?
A: It is a Red Flag with a 5 Pointed Open Green Star in the center{CENTER OF THE CIRCLE}.
If you were to resurface the White background with Blue and inscribe JUSTICE within the convex of the Scimitar you would immediately notice that it becomes a symbol which reflects the Blue Lodge jurisdiction of WFM.
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