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*WARNING: To All Moorish American Nationals; 

This National Census Registration / Citizenry Head Count for the Moorish American Government, is a matter of record and inclusion. No information on this Moorish American Government website will be authorized to be used in the courts of any other government(s) or organization(s) for any reason at all.

National Census Registration

Welcome Home to your Moorish American Government

Registered Moorish Americans with the Moorish American National Government is currently at approximately 60, 000,000 citizens and growing.

The substance of Nationality and the benefits 
thereof is contingent on the especial Nation's 
ability to stand up and be counted within its 
own relevant census. Thereby appying self- 
determination and their common will to 
excersise their God-Given Rights to take their 
place in the affairs of Men and Nations.

For this proactivity is the first demonstration of 
the people that must be known and recognized 
by international allies, before any further 
consideration can be seriously entertained.
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