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5 - Department of Foreign Allegiance

 Treaties, Allies and Alliances – e.g. South and Central America, South Atlantic and Pacific, African Countries and Nations, Asia, Middle East and Europe; $17,000,000.
 World Service Organization
 Moorish Visas, Passports and Rights to Travel Credentials; $5,000,000.
 Moorish Translators
 Moorish Student and Exchange Student Programs; $2,000,000.
 Reports and Publications
 Handling of foreign Parental and Child Abductors; $800,000.
 Moorish Guide to Doing Business Nationally and Internationally
 Prevention of Human Trafficking and Slavery; $900,000.
 Moorish Travel for Peace Establishment $3,000,000.
 Moorish Constitutional Education and Training for Divine Ministers, Ambassadors, Attaches’, Diplomats, Consular Generals; $5,000,000.
 International Security Training; $1,500,000.
 Security Facilities/ Surveillance
 Prevention and Curtailment of Genocide and Hunger / UN Charter; $2,000,000.

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