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M.A.G. Deparment Proposal 

From The Offices of:

Moorish American Government Executive Rulers

Grand Sheik, Chairman, The Prophet and Assistant Grand Sheik
Land, Building and Facilities: Purchase Of Abandoned Buildings, School Buildings And/or Campuses In Consulate Locations For The Purpose Of Teaching The Moorish The Responsibilities Of A Clean And Pure Nation. These Systems Of National And Theocratic Education Include The Art Of Self Mastery, Character Building And All Uplifting Acts For Fallen Humanity, Based Upon The High Divine Principles Of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom And Justice
Current Standings Of Consulates Officiated By Divine Ministers On Native Soil And Projected Embassies Upon Immediate Foreign Lands Are:
Indianapolis Consulate HQ: $20,000,000
Washington/Oregon Consulates: $5,000,000
Virginia Consulates (3): $20,000,000
North Carolina Consulate: $5,000,000 Mississippi Consulate: $2,000,000
Minnesota Consulate: $2,000,000 Oklahoma Consulate: $2,000,000
Kentucky Consulate: $5,000,000
Ohio Consulate: $6,000,000
Maryland Consulate: $20,000,000
Michigan Consulate: $20,000,000
Illinois Consulate (Capitol): $70,000,000
New York Consulate: $4,000,000
Texas Consulate: $3,000,000
Florida Consulate: $2,000,000
Canadian Consulate: $5,000,000
Moorish Virgin Islands: $4,000,000
Peruvian Embassy: $2,000,000
California Consulate: $4,000,000
Delaware Consulate: $2,000,000
Alabama Consulate: $2,000,000
Pennsylvania Consulate: $2,500,000
Cuba & Atlantic Islands: $10,000,000
Haitian Embassy: $5,000,000
Ghanaian Embassy: $4,000,000
Liberian Embassy: $2,000,000
Jamaica Consulate: $3,000,000
Egyptian Embassy: $4,000,000
Saudi Arabian Embassy: $3,000,000
Totals $238,500,000.00
 Construction of Moorish American National Flags, Emblems and Grand Seals.
 Classes on Moorish Campus to be equipped with Lap Tops to instruct in Registration, Video, Photography, Recording of Moorish History and Traditions/Culture, Typing, Business Sciences, Mathematics, Languages (Moorish Interpreters)
 Moorish Teachers/ Professors/ Doctors of the Law to be staffed
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 Moorish Security to be trained and facilities to be equipped with state of the art security mechanisms
 Facilities to be furnished, e.g. Desks, Lab Facilities, Housing, etc.
 Housing for Staff, 24 hour Security and Provisions for Homeless/ Needy/ Hungry
 Network for Outreach Programs for Drug/ Alcohol Abuse/ Battered Women and Children and Teaching Mechanisms to Prevent Recidivism/ Herb, Health and Healing
 Registration/ Database/ Training and Scheduling for all Moorish Nationals: Name, Date of Birth, Background, Talents to be utilized for service to the Moorish Nation and Humanity. Monitoring of attendance in Mandatory Moorish Meetings
 Registry of Moorish Births, Obligations and Passings. Updates to be forwarded to Moorish American Guide Newspaper.
 Publication of Moorish Pages: Names, Locations and Businesses and Trades of Moorish Peoples, Hospitals, Stores, et al.
 Registration of Moorish Divine Ministers in keeping in line with all necessities. Revocation of any Ministers not living according to Divine Constitution and uplifting of Fallen Humanity. Minister Missions/ Prison Outreach. Procedures and Training for Ministers in Suspension to regain Station functioning on all points (Reports, Follow Up, Audits)
 Registration of Moorish Consulates and Training Procedures thereof: Establishment, Moorish Protocol, Locations, Number of Divine Ministers at each Consulate. Agendas and Guidelines to be published. Protocol on receiving Moorish Citizens, Dignitaries, et al. (Reports, Follow Up, Audits). Moorish Consulate Charters to be printed.
 Registration of Swift Angels/ Muftis – Security Training, Martial Arts/ Dispatch Location/ Uniforms/ Badges/ Identification
 Printing Press Facilities at both Headquarter Locations in Indiana, Virginia; to include Maryland Locations for teaching the Moorish youth and unemployed the skills of Printing, Business Science, Mathematics, Language, Character Building, Moorish Philosophy, Nationality Identification Cards, Divine Minister Papers, Newspaper, Moorish Textbooks, Study Guides and Children’s Literature, etc.
 Letters to Incarcerated/ Procedures for Moorish Protocol
 Moorish Consuls at Law Dispatched
 Transportation to include ownership of Small to Medium Planes for Diplomatic Travel, Moorish Cars, Vans and Busses and Ships.
 Training of Ambassadors, Consular Generals, Attaches’, Sheiks, Secretaries et al.

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