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The Lost Tribes of Ali

Born January 8, 1886

In The State of North Carolina

Noble Drew Ali

His Nationality, Like Our Free National Name, Is Moorish American

And This is Our Story:

An untold number of souls have been enlightened due solely to the Angelic appearance of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Among these are Heads of States in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, United States, Mexico and Cuba. There were also individual lives effected by His exalted teachings e.g. J. A Rogers, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, Farrad and Elijah Muhammad. The latter, as a member of the Detroit Temple, was registered as Elijah Poole-Bey, later to be known as „The Honorable Elijah Muhammad‟ of the Nation of Islam. He, too, received all of his ancient history and sciences from Eastern teachings revealed by Noble Drew Ali. Prior to meeting The Prophet, as all other Negro, Black and Colored (NBC), Poole-Bey lived according to his Christian training in the West. Noble Drew Ali left his human form July 20, 1929 after giving to his Moorish Peoples everything it takes to save themselves as a nation. Within hours of his transition, there was utter pandemonium, chaos and confusion that hit the Moorish membership like the Titanic hit the Iceberg. Then Elijah, few of Garveites and Members of The Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) branched to form the Nation of Islam (NOI) it was mostly because the proclaimed Moorish had recently lost their Prophet and their minds. Remember, Noble Drew Ali had only made a few Adepts worthy to transmute with him beyond the Blue Ether Plane. These few Adepts, according to Ali‟s Prophecies, remained mute while Charles Kirkman-Bey, who was not an Adept, and other NBC Lodge Members outlawed Drew Ali‟s Divine Constitution & By-Laws and replaced it with his own „Rules & Regulations of 1934.‟ In the next 70 years this act alone would make the true national movement disappear from the face of the earth.

One would not get a balanced picture when reviewing the 82-year nonproductive history of the MSTA if the researcher does not duly consider the Prophesies of Noble Drew Ali. Because the MSTA Members lost sight of their Holy Prophet, the lost-found Moors had to wander around for 40 x 2 years before realizing themselves in the same kind of Exodus today as did their forefathers yesterday. Like the "He-Brews" had no Hebrew Land promised to them because no 'Hebrews' actually came to ancient Kemet. For 40 years they were not allowed into the 'Promised Land' of Canaan because of not recognizing their national descent nature and names of their forefathers e.g. Hittite, Moabite, Amorite, and Canaanites etc. During this wandering period in the USA, Moorish with little or no faith in their Prophet, developed a psychic similar to that of the ancient He-Brews. With each passing day their minds were returning more like that of Kemetian Slaves than long promised free nationals. So they designed a „Golden Calf‟ made of natural minerals from Egypt, the land of their enslavement. In retrospect today‟s Moorish Americans cannot be a sovereign Nation, in order to link themselves with the family of nations, while still worshiping the Golden Ass made of Western Gods. This modern day graven image has been formed from Northern Christianity, Eastern Arabian Mohammedism and Western Freemasonry. As all other external gods the Golden Ass also has been created solely by the Moorish to worship until their demise.

During the first 80 years of post-Drew Ali His infamous MSTA was quickly replaced with the rituals of „Your-ish Science Lodges‟, „His-Lamism‟ and the serving other Gods outside of themselves. These gods of self-hatred had been created by the Gods of whom the new Moorish Sons and Daughters knew nothing. In all these years millions of innocent Moors have sought salvation by being "Nationalized" and "Naturalized" from the sins of Negroes, Blacks and Colored Peoples. After giving their will to "being nationalized" and their souls to a Moderating Grand Sheik and Universal Commercial Code-1, most members found out too late these Gods are but demons in disguise appearing all powerful yet full of jealousy, hate, greed and lust. Never do they produce the clean and pure nation as prophesied by the Holy Prophet. When it comes to the National true "Duties of a Prophet" these Gods possess no

ears to hear, no eyes to see, no heart to sympathize and no power to save. Members never checked the Founder‟s history to see for themselves Noble Drew Ali never once "Nationalized" any member. Mainly because He did not come to enslave but to save his people. There is no difference between being nationalized and being owned. This ceremony was introduced by a Masonic thought to replace due registration of the MSTA Membership. But The One Temple does not exist anymore. This is why down through the past 8 decades Moors have left the MSTA by the hundreds of thousands; Leaving skeleton Grand Sheik-Pleasing memberships in their wake and began the dozens of Moorish/Muurish attachments e.g. Temples, Nations, Religions, Republics and groups. Still all of these owe a great debt to Noble Drew Ali. Yet many are so remote they attempt to discredit him as being a 'Black Mason' or an 'Indian Magician' but definitely not a Prophet! Still others have never known his name yet unknowingly demonstrate a portion of his saving powers every day.

Dr. Abdul Hamid Suleiman Mohammed

These post are not to deney or cover up Dr. Suleimans affiliation with the moors.....yet it is to bring clarity to his role as is obvious that Dr. Suleiman had his own agenda as well....we must not forget that our holy prophet departed from the old Canaanite Temple due to constant opposition and confusion.....because many wanted to take the movement into another was this conflict which caused the prophet to convey his warnings in caveat was this reason why he stated : don't let any of those foreign moslems get on your was this reason he stated: this is no social was this reason he stated:he took the cover off all secret organizations.....last but not least it was for this reason he stated: asiatic preachers and masons will be the last to come home. He said they would fight him tooth and claw but they cannot win......he was a revealer not a concealer of the light !!!!! He was a true egyptian adept master.....

Dr. Abdul hamid suleiman muhammad in his goal admonished western free masonry from both the the european as well being n.b.c. perspectives.....he attempted as a 96* rite high convert european & nbc masons....into what he proclaimed as true masonic and shriner rites.....despite his intentions this is where his goals came into conflict with the prophet and caused much confusion among the moors in 1913 new ark new jersey..... Where prophet noble drew ali was enforcing act 6 of the divine constitution and by laws of moorish america.....his intention was not to teach was to teach our people their nationality and divine creed.....the divine and national movement be it the canaanite,moabite or moorish science temple.....were not fraternal......they were all philanthropic in nature at every stage of their evolution into what you know to be the mst of a in this era and time.......Islamism!!!!!

Sheikh Ahmad Din

Brother sheikh ahmad din aka {p. Nathaniel johnson} is said to have been an associated with the canaanite temple of 1913 is said he departed when the prophet departed he founded the fahamme temple of islam in 1919 ....In fact his egyptian adept teachings are witness to this as well....remember during the years of the canaanite temple prophet noble drew ali was known as ...professor drew the egyptian the illinios news paper clip herein.... You will see that "isaac" {bro. I cook bey was called a grand govenor of the fahamme temple though this could be a mistake.....bro. I cook bey was a follower of noble drew ali unto his very demise..... However we can see in the article that the fahamme & moorish community were close to eachother.....In his Fahamme Gospel book Sheikh Ahmad Din referred to Prophet Noble Drew Ali as one of the Saints.......Islamism!!!!!

These questions and answers reflect a moorish overtone where his successors teach:

Q. What is fahamme?

A. It is understanding, and it is also the name of the new afro-american culture founded on the background of our ancestor---worship with due reverence for our noble ancestors, ancient and divine, whose wisdom graced the lands of egypt, ethiopia, kaldea, arabia, canaan, and the entire torrid zone. The torrid belt of the mystic name of ethiopia.

Q. Who were the first muslims?

A. The ancient ethipioans the hamites and canaanites all from ancient africa which was originally call ham. Ancient hamites from what is known as ethiopia and egpyt long before arab occupation.

Rabbi Mathews Rabbi MordecaiHerman

& Rabbi Josiah Ford

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