8 - Department of Education and Truth

 Home School – On Line Assistance
 Foreign Language Studies – Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, Italian, Russian, German, etc.
 Moorish Adult Education Basics – English, Reading, Mathematics, Trades; $25,000,000.
 Moorish Children Education – Schools – Elementary, Middle and High Schools and Universities/ Training Facilities; 200,000,000.
 Utilization and Rehabbing of Abandoned Buildings to codes for dwellings; 30,000,000.
 Housing for Students – On and Off campus; $8,000,000.
 Education in Hygiene, Health, Foods, Diet, Exercise, Arts and Sciences, Intuition and Telepathy; $3,000,000.
 Moorish Text Books; 2,500,000.
 Educating Moorish Authors, Poets, Song Writers, Musicians, Technicians, etc.
 Moorish Mysteries and Adept Chamber; $2,000,000.
 Moorish Lessons and History Redefined
 Classes in Anatomy and Physiology Studies, Physicians, Sciences, Economics, Music, Yoga, Tai Chi, Arts, Agriculture, Horticulture, Farming, Business, Martial Arts, Teaching, Computer Sciences, Gymnastics, Financing, Meditation, Study of the Self, Character Building, Religion, Nationality, Transmutation, Telepathy, Silence; $13,000,000.
 Drug, Sex and Alcohol Education and abolishment of Mental Slavery; $4,000,000.

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