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6 - Department of Media and Freedom

 Secure Moorish Government Medias; $4,000,000.
 Moorish Government Website and Monitoring; $7,000,000.
 Moorish Public Relations
 Moorish Advertising and Informational Sites: $5,000,000.
 Moorish Publications, Text Books, Periodicals, Medical Journals, Children Books, Movies, Films, Moorish Studies, Health, Self Help and Know Thyself Texts; $25,000,000.
 Distribution of Moorish Education Publications for Moorish Schools, Universities and Moorish Citizens; 15,000,000.
 Moorish Printing Companies, Equipment e.g. printers, Mac Computers, Supplies, Binding, Shipping, warehousing and storage 25,000,000.
 Educational Classrooms for Print Shops and Macintosh Computer Science and Technology; $10,000,000
 Seven Seals Publications – Printing and Distribution – Noble Drew Ali The Exhuming of A Nation, Book of Ali, Korans, 101’s, Moorish Prophecies and Hadiths, Elihu’s Lessons; Rights reserved to the Moorish Printing and Binding Industries (above).
 Moorish Television and Radio Channels and Frequencies for Upliftment of Fallen Humanity, e.g. Cooking, Moorish Citizen Education, Moorish Garb and Culture, It Takes a Village, How to Sew, etc.
 Consular Retreats – Releases to Public via Media and Publications
 Moorish Newspapers, Magazines, Cinemas, Theatres, Arts, Sciences, Music and Graphic Design
 Creating Facilities and Education for Moorish Artists and the Sciences
 Worldwide Radio Broadcast Stations for Uplifting of Fallen Humanity; $3,000,000.
 Syndicated Television Programs for Moorish Education; 3,000,000.

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