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YOUR PROPER IDENITY / Who Is Defining You in this New Era & Time ?????
 The citizens of all free national governments, according to their national constitution, are all of one family bearing one free national name.
 Those who fail to recognize the free national nam...

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The Moorish Awakening is at Hand !!!!!

June 1, 2016

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MAG August 2016 Confrence 



Message From Our National Grand Sheik, Dr. Serapis Amen-Ra El

Islam, Peace, Greetings to all. On behalf of the Moorish American Government, I extend heart-felt gratitude to all Moorish Americans who have completed our Census / Head Count Form and working diligently to do their part in the uplifting of fallen humanity, here in North America.

This Divine and National Movement is dedicated to our redemption as a Nation of People and we labor day and night in stride to accomplish all that is necessary, for our interest is in only one direction.
Therefore, we all must make modest, monetary contributions once a month to establish and maintain our National Treasury. Our Prophet, Noble Drew taught us that it takes finance to uplift the Nation. With Our National Treasury, we can realize our Free National Standards, Principles and Power in the light of domestic and international recognition among all Nations of the earth under our own vine and fig tree. Allah is leading on and victory is sure.

Dr. Serapis Amen-Ra El, National Grand Sheik of Moorish America

The Moorish American Government Is Not Responsible For the Pseudo-Law Tactics Used By Some Mis-Guided Individuals

The Moorish Americans are instructed to be law abiding citizens. Prophet Noble Drew Ali the Founder of the M.S.T. of A. a. Father of the Moorish American Nation established the M.S.T. of A., an organization with the purpose of uplifting fallen hurnanity, teaching us those things that would rnake us better citizens. 

It is unfortunate that some individuals have been in a direction to break laws within the municipal jurisdictions
under the guise of invoking a superior, "common law" position to justify their infractions. Be it known, that the Moorish American Governrnent does not in any way teach, support, infer, suggest or ecourage any of these activities whenever or wherever they are being used. We only concerned with M.A.G. and the actual freedom of our people. That's it, that's all! One Nation, One Free National Name, One Constitution, One Flag, One Government. We are the the chidren of one Father and Mother.

Peace and Love,
Dr. Akeweye Nicobl Tirhakah Bey Grand Mufti of Moorish America

The Call Conference : 
7 Days A Week

6:45 p.m. - 10 p.m. EST

Call-In Number:

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Pin Number: 639381#

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